Sunday, 18 July 2010

Yves Saint Laurent Arty Aventurine Bracelet and ring

As a graduation gift my mumm gifted me with these amazingly beautiful jewelery pieces by YSL. I love the way the stones have a rough finish to them!!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Visionaire 58: a book that every true McQueen admirer should have in their library.

Suffering from tonsillitis and 39.5 degrees of fever this is the first time over 3 days that I have opened my macbook. And scrolling over my friend's blogs I saw an amazing post by Kat T. As my performance would be far from 100 % at this point, i will cheat and simply copy her words to inform you all about a book which is more than a work of art, namely Visionaire 58.

 "I have just read about something truly beautiful. Visionaire magazine have dedicated their entire 58th issue to Alexander McQueen. It's called "Spirit - A Tribute to Lee Alexander McQueen". Many influential and talented people such as Steven Klein, Mario Testino and Lady Gaga have contributed to this work of art which will retail at around $300. You think that's too expensive? The uniqueness of the book lies in the special composition of the paper which, with time (and care), will allow flowers to bloom inside the book! Sounds so crazy and beautiful! There will only be 1500 copies produced that will be sold exclusively at McQueen boutiques."  (

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Courtney Brims Fairytale Illustrations

On the usual note of my obsession with fairytales, I discovered an illustrator who does amazing fairytalesque drawings: 'her drawings are influenced by Victoriana, ghost stories, old photographs, daydreams and nightmares.' I particullarly like the way she portrays innocence in the girl's faces whilst using rather gothic surroundings.

Victoire de Castellane: Dior Joaillerie

I have recently become obsessed with big, statement rings and I can't fail to mention that this love for extraordinary jewellery has started many, many  years ago after reading an article about Dior Joaillerie's amazingly talented designer Victoire de Castellane. What I like most in her work is that she uses colours, materials, gems & enamel in a such crazy combinations that one might at first think such a fantasy mixture could never work!! If I was asked what my perfect engagement ring would be, my answer would be 10 pieces by Victoire de Castellane, one for each finger.