Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Kabiri Jewellery Katie Eary

I came across this store in covent garden last week. It has works of amazing designers I have seen before in magazines. No wonder one of my favourite works was the Skeletal Hand by Katie Eary. It reminds so much of the infamous Delfina Delletrez £15 000 skeleton hand bracelet.

And literally 10 minuits after I have posted this post my boyfriend came in with this piece as a present for me!!! What a surprise!! I am going to post more about fashion from now on, I have a feeling it brings luck;)

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Gareth Pugh Store in Hong Kong

What I particullarly like looking at in the interior design of shops and stores is the way the brand identity, style and philosophy that can be found in the works of a fashion designer is portrayed through the design of an interior. One of the most succesful ones I have seen would be probably the Victor and Rolf store in Milan, but I think this Gareth Pugh store in Hong Kong has also been done amazingly well. The Ruth Hogben video in the background work particullarly well with the whole ambiance of the interior. I love the way the designer played with the lighting and just the silhoettes of the clothes revealing against the black backdrop.

(Images are from Dezeen.)