Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Fairytale furniture: feathers, skulls and magic. Part 1.

The beautiful gold feather coat in Alexander McQueen's amazing  fall/winter 2010 collection inspired by Byzantine art made me think how amazing it would be to create interiors and furniture pieces covered in feathers, something probably i will include in my current project. As usual, whatever a designer thinks of more or less exists and has been done before.. Although not entirely how I imagine it, this piece 'Portrait of George I' by Elyse Hochstadt is for sure not an ordinary one. What I find interesting is the use of various feather lengths, yet what I would definetly change is the legs of the chair.


  1. Glad to see Elyse's work is featured on your blog! How did you come across her work? :) In addition, you've got quite the interesting blog.

  2. The shot may not do the piece justice because you don't get a great sense of the wing, which is made up of the longest feathers. The other varied feather lengths reference corresponding parts of a crow body. Thanks for showing the work - where did you get the image?
    ps still figuring out the feet :)

  3. I think I got it from the website of the dealer who sells your work? Has been a while ago!! If you send me better pics, I will post them!

    The image was quite hard to find! I came across it a long long time ago whilst I was doing some research for a university project!