Friday, 17 September 2010

Deyrolle. In search of the odd and unusual.

I heard so much of this shop in Paris, but would never think of looking it up whenever I was visiting. What a pleasant surprise it was to find out that it is actually on the same road that I live on!


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  2. You were able to take photos inside?!?

    We visited a month ago, was dying to take snapshots but had to settle for getting a book and scanning the photos...

  3. Well.. I didnt ask, one thing I learned in college from my tutor. Take images and run.:) lol

  4. where is this?! are they for sale??
    btw i have no ide what so ever how i got to your blog but it is truly perfection! sex on a page! bravo!

    xxoo Ellen

  5. They are for sale!! its a shop in Paris. Thank you darling xxxx