Friday, 12 February 2010

Amie Dicke: Another amazing artist.

This is another artist I admire. Amie Dicke started cutting away fashion posters when she was on a residency in New York. ‘I started to project my loneliness on the city where the most familiar faces were those of the supermodels on the buildings and in the magazines,' she has said. Dicke turns the familiar images of advertising into something rare and strange, revealing the dark, gothic structures that lie beneath their surface. Images intended to project desirability, are exposed as empty and hollow. The models appear as phantoms, the flow of forms echoing tears as they cascade down the body.


  1. please can you talk about the artists in the future in the weird-katja-way?

  2. she's an amzing artist. saw her show at peres porjects years ago... awesome to see her getting recognized...

  3. I know such a straightforward idea to use adds from magazines to cut them up, yet she does it in such an eerie way, so original!