Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Marcel Wanders: Mondrian Miami

Just before the long-awaited launch of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland i would like to post a couple of projects i am sure Alice wouldn't mind dropping by in her dreams... This one is an iconic hotel designed by Marcel Wanders, where there seem to be no borders between reality and fantasy.

Images from Ideat magazine.


  1. I love this design. I think it's beatyfull.

    In the other day i saw another company that as grat lightning desing pieces. It's called Delightfull.

    Try to see it too.


  2. I plan to stay in mondrian hotel next month

    Hope everything's great like i saw in the picture.

    You know, now the technology of camera is too good... :D


  3. True true:) Let us know how it was:)