Saturday, 12 June 2010

The Bilderberg Vaults: my final year project

As a basic human instinct- throughout centuries- people have been hiding away in obscure places, seeking privacy in secret sanctuaries and convene in select groups in venues from which the rest are excluded.
Even in the behaviour of children: - who crawl into empty card boxes or conceals themselves behind furniture or build tree houses and huts.
This project seeks to respond to such behaviour of seeking secretive and exclusive venues as well as to tackle the curiosity of the excluded and the threats of possible intruders, since it is a fundamental human instinct to ask when a locked door or curtain is seen: ‘Why am I not allowed in there?’
Taking the deeply rooted past of the Borough area and it’s unique history to accommodate often illegal, underground, and unofficial events and venues, this project will seek to design a secretive mansion for the Bilderberg Group to host the yearly gatherings of the secret society. The secondary use of the space is to provide safety vaults for the member’s capital.
This project will mainly attempt to tackle the client’s aspiration for maximum secrecy and security as well as on a more poetic basis to preserve and reveal the tenebrous past of the building and its site. The warmth of a gentleman’s club will meet a gas chamber like industrial space of a vandalised and dilapidated building to offer a myriad of intimate hiding spaces and intriguing secret passages for solitude and daydreaming as well as for social gatherings and meetings.
The countless cellars and network of passages with spaces for secret encounters will mimic the complex structure of the surrounding site.

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