Wednesday, 16 June 2010

João Figueiredo presents Tokyo Show 'PT WOMAN A TRIBUTE'

On my usual pursuit of everything extraordinary, unique and eccentric, I can not fail to mention an exhibition now taking place in Tokyo, namely ' Pt. Woman. A Tribute.' , a tribute to Portuguese woman
by the brilliant Portuguese artist, João Figueiredo, whose work I have mentioned before.

"João Figueiredo brings together for the first time an important series where the feminine is supreme: “PT . WOMAN . A TRIBUTE”. With the masculine exception of D. Pedro V, king of Portugal between 1853 and 1861, fourteen profiles of emblematic figures of our history are outlined, from the 17th century, with Queen Saint Elisabeth, to the 20th century, with diva Amália Rodrigues. With his paintings starting from master pieces, João Figueiredo has the superior capacity to achieve the plastic duality of highlighting and hiding information, symbols or details that are part of those master pieces, in favour of a plot, a story, a new approach or a tantalizing and unexpected revelation. It is a meticulous and brilliant intuitive process completed by the modernistic insertion of modules, framings, geometric guidelines, as if these were mirrors or extraordinary and obscure places from where the characters communicate, appear and dialogue. A transcendent timelessness is conquered and commended. Figueiredo, on the other hand, is the only Portuguese artist sponsored by Swarovski Crystal, a crucial element in his work and one that grants him an exceptionally prestigious contemporary sophistication and makes the perfect mystique symbiosis of the diverse dimensions, periods and symbolisms of his creations. The final outcome of each refined and sophisticated portrait presents a character fractioned in episodes and personalities and whose glamour and haughtiness are forever perpetuated and once again celebrated by the hand of João Figueiredo."

On a more personal note, having had the opportunity to do an Internship at Swarovski London last year, I remember the amazing designers and architects Swarovski would sponsor and collaborate with, creating bewildering and unique pieces of design. It is great to know that it now encourages artist to incorporate beautiful crystals into their art.

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